Hello, world!

I recently received an email saying that my account at University of Alberta expired. I lost my old webpage (I mean, the hosting service) and my university email account. I decided to use that as an opportunity to make a new website, which should be easier to keep up to date. With this new website I also started a blog.

I won’t actually say anything in this post, it is just a start. I’m planning on using this blog as an excuse to post about some of my papers and, sporadically, some reflections about life as a researcher. 

Realistically speaking, I don’t plan to write that often here. I’m frequently feeling overwhelmed by what I want to do in terms of research, collaborations, and my personal life. This past year has been crazy. I defended my Ph.D. in February, I moved to Montreal and started a new job at Google Brain in March, and my daughter was born in April. I think I’m still catching up my breath. Anyways, I digress. Maybe I’ll talk about all this in a future post.

If you are interested in this type of thing, take a look at it every now and then. I’m much more present on Twitter (@MarlosCMachado) and I’m sure I’ll announce my posts there. That’s it for now 🙂

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